Longarm Services

Your project will be quilted on our state-of-the-art Innova MACH 3 long arm quilting machine.

 We offer edge to edge quilting in several patterns at  .0125 cent per square inch with a $30 minimum.


68 x 89 = 6052 sq inches

6052 x 0.0125 =75.65



Batting and binding are not included –  we do not do         free-handed custom quilting at this time.

Quilt Prep

We do all of our quilting in-shop allowing for a quicker turn around when the pre-quilting prep work is completed before it’s brought in. 

Please have your quilt ready to go on the frame when it arrives.

How to Prepare your Quilts for Quilting

The key to a successful quilt is in the planning and preparation!

Before bringing your quilt in for long arm machine quilting, please make sure that it is ready to be quilted.

Quilt Ready Checklist:

There are no loose threads, open seams or holes front and back.  The quilt is fully pressed.

 Press as you go for best results.  The last seams on the borders are back-stitched.  If not, they can be pulled apart when loaded on the quilting frame.

There are no straight or safety pins in the quilt.

There is enough batting and backing to attach to the quilting machine.

 Our quilter requires a minimum of 4″ extra on each side for the backing and batting.


 If your quilt is 70″ x 70″ you will need backing and batting that is at least 78″ x 78″.

If the backing must be pieced, please have it pieced together and seam pressed before bringing it in.

If top from bottom is important – pin a note on it to indicate the TOP of the quilt – some patterns are not obvious.

We do not quilt denim. 

T Shirt quilts are at the discretion of the quilter – some fabrics and thicknesses just don’t work.